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  • Remember, everything you pack will need
    unpacking, so the more organised you are
    while packing, the easier the unpacking
    will be.

  • Resist the temptation to toss items into a
    bin liner; they risk damage from knocks or
    bumps and mildew from lack of ventilation.

  • Keep a written inventory as you pack.

  • Break it down - disassemble bed frames
    and tie them together with tape or twine.
    Use small plastic bags to store screws and
    bolts and tape them to the frame that they
    belong to.

  • To avoid small items being thrown away
    with the wrapping, wrap them in plain
    paper and label them.

  • Wrap each item of crystal, fine china or
    glassware separately.

  • A wide range of packing materials are available from Lets-Store, or, if you wish, we could even do the packing for you! Just ask for details.

  • Consider using our removal services.


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